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Nonwovens and equipment of Jiangsu Province, Changshou City town China Town Branch


Changshu Zhitang town at the center of opening up the Yangtze River Delta area, to the first half of 2004, the town has no spinning industrial enterprises 210, the total assets of nearly 950 million yuan, annual production value of nearly 20 billion yuan, annual sales reached 1.8 billion yuan. Among them, no spinning machinery manufacturing enterprises 31, with an annual output of various non spinning machinery and equipment production line more than 350, non-woven production enterprises 179, more than 12 million tons annual production capacity of all kinds of non-woven, no spinning machine and non-woven fabric production capacity, production accounted for more than 60% and 14% of the national total. Products covered most parts of the country, especially the non spinning machinery and equipment manufacturing, products from ordinary warm needle punched cotton production (shoes and clothing accessories), until production collodion cotton, imitation silk cotton, automotive interior materials, filter materials, health materials, geotextiles, synthetic leather fabric, spunlaced nonwovens, imitation viscose cloth 12 major categories, nearly 100 multiple series varieties. No spinning industry has become a key pillar industry in the town, no spinning industrial enterprises accounted for the town of 25%, product sales revenue the town accounted for 30% of the, Zhi Tang Zhen is the first successfully developed and no area of spinning machinery and equipment development and production, and there is currently no spinning machinery and equipment and non-woven annual output and sales are first in the country.

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