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Nonwoven equipment: stable development in the next few years


With the landing of two separate child policy, expected baby diapers and other disposable hygiene products market will be rapid growth. Many industry insiders said that in the next few years the nonwovens industry will remain stable and rapid development of the situation.
    In the economic operation of the textile industry overall poor environment, production and sales of nonwoven equipment does not seem to have too much influence. Domestic nonwoven equipment manufacturing enterprises have said that this year the production of complete sets of equipment have achieved an increase.
    Industry of China Textile Industry Association spunbonded nonwovens branch of the Secretary General long Zhang Maijian told reporters, statistics show that in 2012 the industry of SMS Composite Nonwovens actual output growth of 31% over the previous year, greatly leading to PP Spunbond category 4% annual growth rate. In recent years, health, health care products market demand, driven by the development of SMS coil, the country set off an upsurge of investment in multimode head (SSS, SMS spunbond production line. At present, China has formed a production capacity of SMS production line has reached more than 60. Due to the increase of the die and equipment production rate appeared significantly improved, but the user needs to speed not increased proportionally, so there are signs of excess capacity, many technical level is not high enterprises have begun to feel a lack of market demand change.
     However, most companies are still optimistic about the future market of nonwovens. Qingdao Qingfeng no spinning technology Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Wang Shuzhen think, with the separate two child policy landing and people's living standards continue to improve, baby diapers and other disposable hygiene products market appears rapid growth is beyond doubt. The industry will be an industry in the coming years the fastest and most stable. At the same time, Wang Shuzhen also stressed that the current international and domestic non-woven equipment market is increasingly complex, increasingly fierce price competition. Some foreign non-woven equipment factory in China have factories, domestic non-woven equipment company only continuously improve the technical level of equipment, strengthen the service level of customer service, in order to win the competition with international famous enterprises.
    At present, compared to domestic and foreign equipment, there are still some problems indeed. Spinning technology company chairman He Suyi that the gap between the domestic and foreign equipment mainly in production efficiency is not high and the quality stability is insufficient, in some of the details of the process, humanity is still to be improved. Wang Shuzhen when it comes to the question stressed that compared with foreign equipment, domestic nonwoven equipment has more marketable, close to the user process configuration, with more cost-effective solutions and more efficient after-sales service and other advantages, which is incomparable to foreign equipment.

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